// Cometdocs and PDF files

There are many tools available to convert your PDF file into other formats. However Cometdocs does it in a very peculiar way. After installing Cometdocs on your PC and right clicking on a PDF file, it presents a list of alternatives to convert the PDF file from the Windows context menu.

The list of formats in which you can convert the PDF file is quite extensive. This includes the files in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), the formats in LibreOffice (Witer, Calc and Presentation), you can convert it into an HTML web page, into a flat TXT file, various image formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP , GIF and TIF) and AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats.

Just right click on the PDF file, choose the CONVERT TO option in the context menu, choose the format you want to convert your PDF and Cometdocs creates a new file with that format in the same directory as the sodapdf software. Better yet, it also works in reverse, some file formats can be converted to PDF by selecting the CREATE PDF option.


Cometdocs also offers a web service. When you open an account, you have 1 GB of free cloud space. Here you can store all types of documents with the advantage that you can also convert PDF files into different formats. You will use the same Cometdocs account for the web solution as for the Windows solution. You can get Cometdocs for Windows at the following link:

Cometdocs Desktop